Long Bob for Straight Thin Hair

Hairdressing industry is improving every year and gives us surprises in the form of new products and ideas for care & grooming. Long and thick strands have long been considered not only beauty, but also a symbol of the health and nobility of their owner.

Opt for a long bob, emphasize your unique approach to life! Find on the site the link about this fashionable hairstyle, a real dream of every girl. It’s popular. gorgeous, bold. You have probably thought about it for many months or even looked at several options.

This hairstyle has many different ways of cutting, the exact number of which can’t perform even the most experienced stylist. However, the distinctive feature of it is considered to be three-dimensional and very visually impressive silhouette.


Find out more…

  • F. e. extra-long bob, do you like it? Maybe your relatives or friend have cut it? Who from Hollywood divas are lucky owner of this stylish solution? This effect can be achieved by lengthening the side strands and neatly modeled hair on the back of the head. It should be noted that every girl can choose this solution for herself. It is universality that makes it so trendy and popular.
  • Here you will find even more info. For example, do not confuse it with square. But in today’s hectic environment, when a woman is forced to combine attractiveness, activity and mobility, she increasingly values and prefers comfort. Such variants described there as bob for thin strands of impressive length perfectly combines these qualities. Use good shampoo and different oils to add strength and shiny look for this hairstyle. 


Some interesting facts

Modern professionals experts of beauty industry separate “bob” and “square”, only sometimes combining  them into “bob-square”. However, what sounds like “bob” means in English “making a short haircut”, “cut your hair short”. When exactly this version of a short female styling popped up, no one could say, however, it can be argued that its original form represented only an even cut r, only its length varied. In different countries, the options  are called differently – “garcon” in France, “bubikopf” in Germany etc. 

Only at the beginning of the 20th century envisaged applying the technology of graduation, forming a smooth transition from the upper tiers of hair to the lower. The major difference in appearance was achieved by styling – waves, with a hair back, deliberately disheveled, with curls, etc. In the 1930s, fashion changed, and this variant was forgotten for a while, coming back only in difficult war years, when short hair became not a matter of fashion, but a necessity. Today it is one of the most popular solution, which has become the basis for a wide variety of hairstyles.

So what are benefits if your chevelure is thin?

  • Exquisitely asymmetrical option with precise cuts will add the volume. 
  • Layers hide a large lower part of the face.
  • Classic variant adds to the image of sexuality and audacity.
  • The elongated solution visually narrows the face.
  • Wavy styling adds romance.

Good luck in your major renovations!

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