Options for haircuts with layers

Do you have a dream to be really trendy? Haircut with layers is a real panacea! Believe us. 

Do you need additional volume? Is your hair poorly styled? A multi-layered haircut will help. Are you an owner of too thick strands or on the contrary too thin ones? Here is a key solution.

Do not forget about a huge number of variations. How not to make a mistake in choosing?

Read carefully about all tips and tricks. Hope our information will help you in your desire to change your image.


Why do we like this option so much?

  • To begin with, we decided to find out why multi-layered haircuts are so attractive. Because it allows to diversify any hairstyle.
  • It suits practically for everyone, but there are several different techniques for creating layers, and each one has its own results. Therefore, before you go to the salon, try to understand what goal you are trying to achieve.
  • If you want something more daring, choose square or horizontal layers — they create straight lines and a heterogeneous texture.
  • If you have very thick hair and you want to reduce the volume layers will remove the density around the perimeter of the hair, whereas diagonal ladder will look more evenly and, on the contrary, add volume.

Are you still not sure which is right for you? Professionals recommend paying attention to three main factors: 

  • the texture of the hair, 
  • their density, and
  • the shape of the face. 
  • Short variants envisage plenty of options – both classic and incredibly bold. Such variations as if created for experiments with color. For example:
  • a pixie,
  • a  bob, 
  • as well as the famous grunge rocker.
  • With medium hair you can vary the length of the strands. Experts recommend leaving the average length in front, showing the beauty of your locks, but at the back to build an almost short haircut. Consider  f. e. a cascade bob. Torn strands will not only enhance accents where necessary, but also give a special chic to your image!


What about long strands?

In 2018 girls with luxury locks who dream of a multi-layered haircut were especially lucky: it was a peak of popularity when multi-level combinations made it possible to actively use length.

The main trend is geometric shapes, in which the face is clearly shaped by an outline, and the bottom layer remains long. You can add a little boldness to the image: make a cutting in a ragged manner. Enjoy this creative approach and you will see an amazing result soon. Your friends will make you a compliment. 


If you have round face

Such lucky females usually prefer ladder style that makes your look very organic.

Straight haircut attracts more attention, so ask a professional from a beauty salon to make several diagonal asymmetry strands around the perimeter of the face – they always look very advantageous.

If you want to visually lengthen the face, think about the version with oblique bangs. All bold experiments are always welcome; just don’t hesitate to make the first step. 

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