Tips for Selecting Short Hairstyles

Beauty industry is constantly evolving, and therefore new techniques appear. If you want to be stunning, you should choose fashionable women’s hairstyles. Short cuts also serve as the basis for creating attractive looks. Proper styling can totally change the image.


Health issues

If you like short hairstyles think about improving of the condition of your hair. Special attention should be paid to shampoos that you use. 

  • A frightening figure: in 97{b04b94ceb46afa2abe3a448c368163695e2442506e4bf12883264b9a75a04134} of well-known brands there are substances that poison our body, f. e. sulfates. These chemicals destroy the structure of the hair, the strands becomes brittle, lose elasticity and strength, the color fades. 
  • But the worst thing is that this stuff gets into the liver, heart, lungs, accumulates in the organs and can cause cancer. We advise you to forget about foaming liquids contain these substances. 
  • Opt for sulfate-free shampoos and natural cosmetics. All products should manufacture under strict quality control and certification systems. 
  • We recommend visiting the official online stores. If you doubt the naturalness of your ingredients, check the expiration date, it should not exceed one year.



If centuries ago women enjoyed ordinary braids, now there is an opportunity to choose various fashionable hairstyles, including short options.

The advantages of them are:

  • they are easy to groom: o wash, comb, dry;
  • each variant has several types of styling: from smooth to disheveled strands. A large number of special products allow you to update your trendy image. 
  • with creative haircuts you will always look very impressive;
  • If you choose a suitable option, you can look a little younger.

The disadvantages include:

  • do not sleep with wet hair – let them dry out in a natural way before go to the bedroom;
  • they are not suitable for everyone;
  • if the hair is lush, they may look disheveled after sleep;
  • if the work is performed by a non-professional master, the result will be terrible and visible; 
  • growth of curls will take a long time; 
  • Be ready for c a time when laying becomes difficult. In this case, you will need to adjust the hairstyle without removing the length.
  • Visits to the hairdresser will need to be frequent. This will cost extra money. 

As you see, for not long there are various trendy solutions. You need only to choose the right, so that the image is harmonious. A good professional selects styling according to several parameters. First of all, by the type of face. Whatever glossy magazines and Internet write, it is necessary to choose you cut according to the shape of your face and personal features. This will hide the flaws and highlight the merits.

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